April 19, 2014

Video History

CBS Morning News July 21, 2013—”Fruitvale Station”: Recreating a tragic loss of a life

USA Today News July 16, 2013—’Fruitvale Station’ stops achingly close to reality- Family speaks

Our Family Tribute to Oscar Grant Pt1– Family

Our Family Tribute to Oscar Grant Pt2– Oscar Mother Wanda, Oscar Fiancee Sophina, Oscar Daughter Tatiana

What is Justice for African-Americans- from Oscar Grant to Trayvon Martin

A Look Back to Oscar Grant Movement (8)video

Oscar Grant Uncle, Cephus Uncle Bobby Johnson, Speaking for Justice for Oscar Grant, ” We Are All Oscar Grant”

A Historical Video Documentation of the Oscar Grant Murder Movement

A Historical Music Rendition of the Oscar Grant Murder Movement

LA & Bay Area United in Justice for Oscar Grant

LA Press Conference

National Virtual Hip Hop Town Hall- Our response to the Trayvon Martin Murder

Bart Train Young Gully

Kim Brown Radio Host in DC Interview Oscar Grant Uncle cephus Uncle Bobby Johnson

Letter 2 Grant Young Gully

Featuring– Dwayne Wiggins Tony Toni Tone, E-40, Too Short, Keyshia Cole, + many more…….

The Takeway Radio Show Hosted by John Hockenberry